Diving in Asia

    Apit Island Leyte, Philippines

    Dolphins, sea turtles, seahorses...
    An indian lion fish

    Aquarium North Male Atoll, Maldives

    There is a conglomeration of coral rocks beginning at 15m surronded by any kind of reef fish. In the holes its always possible to find moray eels. The reef ends with a sandy bottom at 25 m where white tip sharks use to rest. Also, at 25m in the rock section there is a group of caves. Its possible to…

    Ari Beache Beru South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Ariara House Reef Linapacan, Philippines

    Ariara Reef Linapacan, Philippines

    Ariyadhoo Corner South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Long reef 30m deep at the western side of Ariyadhoo island

    Ashitol Bay Koh Phuket, Thailand

    Asmarqa Point Pulau Tiga, Malaysia

    Atlantis Reef Negros, Philippines


    B24 Liberator Togian Islands, Indonesia

    The B24 Liberator wreck lies on flat sandy ground in depth of about 22m on the south coast of the Togian islands. Since there are a lot of Mangroves close by, the visibility is usually quite bad.The airplane wreck ist still in very good shape and almost completely intact. In the cockpit you can see…

    Baby Shark Palawan, Philippines

    Badian Island West Cebu, Philippines

    Bahara Rocks Pahang, Malaysia

    Bahura Negros, Philippines


    Bahura Balabac - Bugsuk, Philippines

    Part of the eastern limit of the Balabac Marine Reserve, a beautiful coral area rich in fauna and flora. However dive must be performed timely with highest tide.Fishing restricted. RA8550.

    Bakkungan Kecil Turtle Islands Park, Malaysia

    Very good corals structures.

    Banana Bay Kenting, Taiwan

    entrance is through tunnel hard to should have a guide, mostly hard coral site

    Banana Bay Koh Phuket, Thailand

    Banca Wreck Negros, Philippines

    Bango Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Slope with outstanding soft corals

    Barracuda Lake Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in the middle of the north-west coast of Coron Island further inland, the access is by boat. In the north-west coast of Coron Island there's a cave with limestone cliffs, exactly between Pimaa Point and Balolo Point. In the middle of the bay there is a gap in the cliffs at sea level. You…

    Barracuda point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Great wall and huge blackfin barracudas shoals, , jacks, tunas and occasionally grey sharks and hammerhead sharks.

    Barracuda point Kakaban, Indonesia

    This is a steep wall, where thecurrent brings large pelagics like whitetip sharks, leopard sharks,jacks, tunas,barracudas, snappers, trevally and of course a large school ofbarracudas. Youcan do a drift dive but a grab line has been permanently secured at 24m acrossa relatively flat area on the…

    Bas Coral Cebu, Philippines

    Current may be strong sometimes... Take care!

    Bas Diot Cebu, Philippines

    Bat Cave Boracay, Philippines

    This dive site is a series of small caves leading to the actual Bat Cave which is also accessible by land. Conditions must be just right to dive here, since waves usually pound against the rocks and swift currents can take you offshore. Lobsters, sea snakes and of course, the bats overhead can make…

    Bat Cave Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Batee Meuduro Pulau Weh, Indonesia

    The best dive site!

    Batu Abah Nusa Penida, Indonesia


    Batu Chipor Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    Just north of Pulau Ling is a small rocky outcrop that is covered in seafans, gorgonians, whips and sponges. All tropical marine life can be found here (even if there are less fishes that in northern dive sites) . It is barely exposed at low tides and currents can be strong here.

    Batu Kapal Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a huge underwater pinnacle divided from the reef by a deep canyon. The interesting part of this dive starts at 40m deep; it is for very advanced divers ONLY. The caves are near 60m deep.The reef around is also nice, some dolphins or pilot whales may be seen.

    Batu Kapal Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    These are a set of pinnacles off the Northern tip of Lembeh Island. This is the best big fish dive in North Sulawesi, but severe multi-directional currents prevent all but only the most experienced divers from venturing here. The density of schooling fish is staggering, with larger species such as…

    Batu Lumbung Nusa Penida, Indonesia


    Batu Meling Nusa Penida, Indonesia


    Batu Nisan Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    A gentler and shallower dive here where there is an abundance of giant clams, anemones and christmas tree worms. There maybe stingrays resting on the sandy bottom here. A good spot for a night dive as crabs, shrips and feather stars are in abundance as are parrotfish which will be asleep and encased…

    Batu Tokong Kamudi Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    Beacon Beach Koh Similan, Thailand

    This site features an initial sandy reef flat at 8m followed by a steeply dipping hard coral reef to 30m, and lies 100m offshore. It runs parallel to the eastern coast (southern section), and is named after the navigation beacon that overlooks it. The reef is not as scenic as at other sites, but…

    Beacon Point Koh Similan, Thailand

    This is a good multilevel dive with interesting features at every depth. This south easterly reef is actually an extension of the lengthy sloping dropoff running parallel to the eastern coast (Beacon Beach), and very comparable to the latter except that the coral at Beacon Point is superior. There…

    Big Seamount Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    Bimoli wreck Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    This is a Japanese WW2 wreck lying in front of what is now the Bimoli cooking oil factory. It was at anchor carrying munitions when it was blown up by torpedoes launched by an attacking US submarine (the USS Swordfish), causing the munitions to blow the aft end completely apart, which now is a pile…